Welcome to Greenbriar Community School, located within 170 wooded acres east of Austin near Bastrop Texas. Greenbriar is a part of the free school movement that began in the 1960's. We are an Educational community focusing on sustainability, homeschooling & providing an alternative learning center. We do a variety of educational programs, while promoting workshops & collaboration with other educators.

    Our long term goal is teaching & learning communal off-the-grid living & self-sufficiency.

Here we believe:

  • we are all life long learners.
  • we learn best in a safe supportive atmosphere.
  • that learning takes place everywhere not only in a classroom.

    We have developed a dynamic flexible curriculum & facility. Participation in community life is an integral part of our learning process. In many ways, life at Greenbriar is about simplicity & with the awareness that every action of ours today will effect future generations.  We strive to live more consciously in our interactions with one another, the world & our environment.

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