Wild edible plants workshop April 19 at Greenbriar Community


Wild Edible Plants Workshop

Katrina Blair

Come learn about the local wild edibles that can be part of your daily meal as well as the 13 plants that can be found all over the world and be an important part of a survival kit.

Katrina Blair is a well known wild edible mentor to many students and followers around the world. She is coming back to Austin area to share her knowledge.

Her recent book:

The Wild Wisdom of Weeds
is about the thirteen weeds found all over the world that are essential part of a medicinal survival kit as well as a complete food source.

Read reviews and praise for this book at chelseagreen.com

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More info about Katrina Blair and her center in Durango CO:


Elani Elan will accompany Katrina’s class with teaching how to make pita bread on an open fire and will share her natural home remedies knowledge.

Elani, originally from Israel, is a family herbalist and lifelong friend of nature and plants. She is a mother for 4 kids who never went to the doctor when sick. She took care of their health and healing with simple yet effective natural home remedies and a natural healing approach.

At the end of the class we will make a delicious and nutritious dinner from the wild edible plants we will gather and the pita bread we will make.


Workshop will be held on Sunday, April 19th, from 2-6:30pm

Greenbriar Community School
1411 Old Sayers Rd, Bastrop TX


Kids 0-18 are welcome free.

Adults: $33 per adult.

Contact info:

Email: plantsfriends@gmail.com

Or call: 512-998-9030