Greenbriar School – Covid-19 Statement and Protocols

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As COVID-19 remains a threat and we get closer to the Greenbriar School fall season, prospective parents and students would normally be planning to come to the school property. We want to be sure everyone knows the additional protocols in place regarding Greenbriar School access.

To assure the safety of those who live and work on the property, Greenbriar School is closed for any drop-by visits until further notice.

Only visitors who have made arrangements in advance, and those arrangements are approved by the School Administration, may come on to the property. Minimally, to receive approval to come onto the school property, visitors will need to state they are free of any COVID-19 symptoms, be willing to prove they are not running a fever, agree to wear a protective mask and/or protective gloves upon request; and wash their hands before and after touching any hard surfaces on the property.

All Greenbriar School parents, students, volunteers, employees, and community residents are required to respect those practicing social distancing; and recommended health protocols. Visitors are expected to follow these protocols as well. There will be no repercussions for those who choose not to participate when standard health protocols are not available or being enforced.

We have been hard at work exploring ways that we can open our doors and return to our campus as safely as possible in the fall.

Here is a bit about what returning in the Fall will look like for Greenbriar School:

  • Smaller classes (10 students to 1 teacher)
  • Sensible, up-to-date safety protocols
  • A balance of academics, arts and social-emotional learning to spark joy and inspiration in learning
  • A lot more outdoor education/play in the gardens and shady spaces
  • Even more hands-on project based learning

There is more to come in our evolving framework. We are passionate about holistic education and see these challenging times as an opportunity to dive into an adaptive model of education and be of service to our community.

We currently have a few spots available for the k-12 homeschool enrichment program. If you are interested, please fill out the student interest form, and will hear from someone on our team ASAP. 
~Greenbriar School Administration


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